Ink mist

Artwork depicting Inky and Blinky in their debut.

"The Mysterious Ink Mist" is episode seven of season five of the TV show "Squiddles!" written by Ryan Kalbield, one of the reuccuring writers on the show. It is set mainly in Squiddleville, after four of the squiddles return to find the town shrowded in "ink." It originally aired on October 2nd, 2003.

Episode SynopsisEdit

The episode starts with Princess Berryboo, Plumbthroat, Creamsicle, and Minty Dream returning to Squiddleville from a tangle date at the Reef. When they arrive, Squiddleville is seen covered in a large, black cloud, which the squiddles refer to as "Sleepy Ink". In this episode, Inky and Blinky, the twins, make their debut. The twins tell them the story, retold in a "sletchy" art style, of how all of a sudden, there was a boom, and then everyone was gone! After investigating the rest of the town, it is revealed the "Sleepy Ink" is actually oil from Skipper Plumbthroat's ship, and afteer the boom, all of the squiddles fled. It is resolved as the town works together to blow away the oil.

Episode ControversyEdit

This episode is conisdered semi-controversal with some, as it deals with ideas such as death, as seen when Inky refers to a seemingly sleeping tan squiddle and says, "He ate some of the sleepy ink, and's been asleep for a long time," meaning he ate the oil and it killed him.

The American Family Association called the episode "tasteless and not sutible for children" in regards to the dark subject matter of the episode, and even urged parents of children who watch the show to cease watching as they feared the show "wont stop promoting such darkness into our youth's heads". 

However, the episode is still a favorite among many Squiddles! fans.