There are very few Antagonists in Squiddles

Major AntagonistsEdit

  • Capricorn is a major villain in Squiddles. He is a very angry character and despises every squiddle he comes across, he often hunts them to steal their love essence from them and he has the abblity to turn their love 
  • Capricorn


    into hate.
  • Kaboom Krab is another major villain, he is the gunner on the ship Glumbarnacle. He loves explosions.
  • Captian Scar is the captain of the ship Glumbarnacle. Though he may be the captain he reports to Capricorn.
  • Gordram is a henchfish on the ship Glumbarnacle. He is very 
  • emotional and sensitive.
  • Seamolat is a seal who drinks Saysum. He is very strong physically but 


    is very gulable. 
  • Mantra, the Evil Manta-ray is a villain that comes into play seasons two through the end of three. He is a very dark antagonist, as his main objective is to disrupt the order the Squiddles live any means necessary, but he is mostly a joke to the other villains, as they see his goal as "pointless" (Gordram says this is episode 14 of season three).

Minor AntagonistsEdit

  • Terri Able (Sea Unicorn) appeared in season 2 and 3 as a minor villain. Terri, being possesed by the power of hate and anger, his appearance was a very dark grey, red, and black. After Princess Berryboo saved Terri Able with her offering of friendship his appearnace changed back to a bright yellow and a few white stripes.
  • Kaboom Krab

    Kaboom Krab

  • Captain Squiddle

    Captain Scar



    Smiddlet (pink/fuschia) was a significant villain in season 1.  He was a mutant, possessing wings, legs, etc.  He was originally a normal Squiddle but was transformed by the evil forces of Capricorn.  After the Squiddles rejected him, he grew enraged.  His most significant act was  idnapping Princess Berryboo, thus causing the ocean to become dirty and polluted (without her protection).