"Berryboo Where are You?" is the pilot episode of the children's TV show "Squiddles!". It was a very simple, cheery episode, and did very well in terms of viewings. It aired in 2000.

Episode SynopsisEdit

The episode starts with Plumbthroat, the protagonist, knocking on the door of a small castle, belonging to Princess Berryboo. When she does not answer, he enters, and she is nowhere to be found. He (Plumbthroat) goes to get the help of their friends, Creamsicle, Minty Dream, Kiwimari, and Bimblob for help. As they investigate further, they find her playing with Marshy Mellow in the kelp fields. This episode highlights the importance of working together to solve a common problem.

Episode TriviaEdit

  • While this is the first aired episode, the original pilot, titled "Princess Plum and the Kelp Forest" had a similar plot, however Berryboo was named Princess Plum and stood out more as princess, as well as Plumbthroat being named Squee.
  • This episode was very well recieved, being one of the most viewed episodes of the first season, despite being seen as a "mediocre" episode by the older fans.

Episode ControversyEdit