"Best Friends, Best Enemies" is episode 5 of the first season of the TV show "Squiddles!". It is the first episode to feature only Princess Berryboo and Creamsicle, out of the 6 main protagonists of the show. It revolves around Squiddle friendship and a fight between the two. The writer of the episode is unknown, at it first aired in September of 2000.

Episode SynopsisEdit

THe episode starts with Berryboo and Creamsicle at the BluBakery, sharing a cake, when an argument breaks out about which color is better, pink or yellow. The two begin to fight and vow never to be tanglebuddies again. Berryboo goes to her friend, Butter Hop, a butterscotch colored Squiddle, and they discuss the fight at the Park. Meanwhile, Creamsicle heads to Orange Sleep's house where they do the same over a slice of Kelp Pie. The episode ends when the two confess they miss being friends and agree that even thought they have their differences, they can still be tanglebuddies.

Episode TriviaEdit

  • This is the first episode to not feature an outside villian.
  • At one point in the episode, one of the squiddles mentions "once you hit 88 mph, we're gonna see some cool stuff!", a reference to the movie "Back to the Future".
  • This is the first and last episode to feature Orange Sleep due to the voice actor dying of cancer soon after the episode aired.

Episode ControversyEdit

This episode is one of the least controversial of the series, except for the clip of the episode where Orange Sleep refers to the Kelp Pie being a "Secret Recipie" and "The ingredients will make you mellow and forget your problems.", most likely referring to a drug.

The American Family Association said the episode was "enjoyable and somewhat family oriented, but unnecessary themes."

But this episode of Squiddles was highly rated by the fans, for teaching them its normal for arguements in a friendship, and to always forgive a true friend.