Squiddles, while generally seeming pretty family-friendly, slowly got darker and darker as the episodes went on. The show has been banned for many reasons.

Kelp PieEdit

While most likely unintentional, in episode 5, Orange Sleep shares a kelp pie with Berryboo which she claims will "make you mellow and forget all your problems." Many parents worried that this was encouraging drugs and alcoholism in children, but the creators insisted they didn't mean it in that way.

Deleted EpisodeEdit

In 2007, a video was posted on Youtube that was supposedly a deleted episode from Squiddles. It was extremely disturbing and many adults found themselves shaking in fear. There was a lot of cursing for a childrens show, often from Capricorn saying "motherf*ck." In the video, Sugary Bloo goes up to Capricorn, mistaking him for Berryboo. It seems very innocent at first, but suddenly, Sugary Bloo is shot with an arrow and choked to death, with lots of gory detail. Olive tries to save him but is beaten to death by Capricorn, and left to die. In the last and rather heart-breaking scene, Olive paints with her own blood on the ground pictures of her and her tangle buddies while crying. The video was deleted a few months later.