Plum throat

The squiddle Plumthroat from the original series

Plumthroat, better known as "P", or "Squiddle P" is usually considered the main character of Squiddles. He's easily distracted, which often gets him into sticky situations from which he needs to be rescued from by Creamsicle.


The Squiddle Plumthroat has obvious feelings for Berryboo and has been pining for her since the series premiere in 2000, although she has made it quite clear that she's uninterested. Rather than leaving her alone, Plumthroat has persisted in his advances and discussed with other Squiddles - most notably Creamsicle - how he might win her over. (See Creamsicle's relationship with Berryboo.) Despite his obnoxious persistence, Berry continued to save him from the dangerous situations he put himself in, which only furthered his fascination with her. In 5x02, she uninvited him from her party as a courtesy to his ex Soonki, only to have him later rescue her for a change. She was grateful at the time but as his behaviour didn't wholly change afterwards, she did not reconsider his propositions.  She continued to be completely averse to the idea of tangling with him or anything more.