"Squid Squid Squiddles! Lovely New World" (Originally

愛のイカ Ai no Ika Lit:Squids of Love) Is a japanese spinoff series that takes place three years after the events of the final season of the 2011 Revival. It has a total of 17 episodes, and ran from October 10, 2012 through April 3 2013. Due to copyright issues, the series has not been viewable online since May 1, 2013, although unofficial DVD copies have been rumored to be traded around.


Three years after the events of events of the 2011 revival, the squiddles are still friends with all new challenges. The episodes usually involve the Squiddle Cuddler as the main character, but the main character is switched in certain episodes.

An episode usually involves talk of the Squiddles relationships' with eachother, solving of friendship problems, or tackling a big problem.


Many fans of the original Squiddles complained about the series being mostly about Cuddler, but eventually came around to it due to its cute episodes and characters.

Episode listEdit

  • Episode 1-Enter! The Squiddles!
  • Episode 2-A Day with Cuddler
  • Episode 3-Plumthroat Gets the Girl!?
  • Episode 4-Plumthroat Panic!
  • Episode 5-Berryboo has a Blueberry Blast!
  • Episode 6-Creamsicle's Birthday Cake!
  • Episode 7-Plumthroat the Clutzy
  • Episode 8-Cuddler KO!
  • Episode 9-Cuddler Gets Tangled Up!
  • Episode 10-Cuddles for Cuddler! Squiddle Valentine's!
  • Episode 11-Cuddler's Dream
  • Episode 12-Creamsicle! The Sweetest Squiddle!
  • Episode 13-Berryboo is Silly Too!
  • Episode 14-Cuddler Carnival!
  • Episode 15-Plumthroat's Secret
  • Episode 16-Squid Squid Squiddles! Love in the New World!
  • Episode 17-Squid Squid Squiddles! Love in the New World!


  • In one scene of episode 5, Plumthroat claims to love peanuts, but in episode 01X02 of the 2004 original series Plumthroat stated he had a peanut allergy.
  • The seires had produced a movie trailer for a fan movie that seemed to involve a new Squiddle named Fruitysizzle, but this trailer is no longer in existence.
  • Ironically, the official 2011 Squiddles producer once said they loved the fan series even though it would later be partly due to them that the series was cancelled.