"Trick or Sweet" is the ninth episode of season one of the TV show "Squiddles!". It is the first holiday episode, airing on Halloween of 2000. It features all of the Squiddles, and was very well recieved by the fans.

Episode SynopsisEdit

This episode debuts Princess Berryboo's little niece, Princess Nightingale. She arrives in Squiddleville from her home town of New Carp City for Hallow's Night (Halloween). The episode consists of 4 small stories, each being scary stories told by the Squiddles as they Trick-or-Sweeting. The first is told by Kimiwari and Bimblob, about a fearsome WereSquiddle, a Squiddles who turns into a Squiddolf (A wolf) every misty moon. Minty Dream and Creamsicle share a story about a two-headed Squiddlestein, and then Berryboo and Plumbthroat tell a story about Squidula, the vampire Squiddle. The final and rather disturbing story is told by Nightingale. It is about a machine she refers to as "The Sleeping Machine", which is a machine that captures Squiddles and "puts them to sleep" (kills them). However, the other Squiddles all help her finish the tale after she gets scared of speaking publicly and end up making it a silly tale. This episode has no real lesson, and was more for fun.

Episode TriviaEdit

  • This was the first episode without a friendship lesson.
  • Nightingale is voiced by the same person as Princess Berryboo.

Episode ControversyEdit

This episode, because of the end story, was highly controversal, being up there with "The Mysterious Ink Mist" and "Let the Squiddles Sleep!". Parents complained to the creators multiple times, but the episode was never removed because of its popularity.